B2B Content Shouldn’t Feel Like Boring-to-Boring, “On The Rocks” is Here to Inform and Entertain

I’m writing this post from my favorite pizza place right across the street from the SalesReach office in Minneapolis, the hockey game is about to start.

Right now over at SalesReach, I think Founder and Chief Video Editor Josh Fedie is putting the final touches on our new video concept.

Moments before leaving to grab a slice we recorded Episode 1 of “On The Rocks” which is going to be our way of getting a video series together that packs the most value into a short-form video for people interested in sales, marketing, startups, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Our thoughts on podcasts and content for B2B brands right now is this, even though video and audio formats can be the best way for anyone to learn, it takes a while to get ramped up.

So many podcasts just take too long to get to the point.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking your time. Joe Rogan has one of the top podcasts in the world and it’s usually just two dudes talking for over two hours. That works for him but at SalesReach we want to move a little faster.

I think this is true for written content too. What did so many quick “answer my question” posts become? How to do this quick transactional thing became a 1,500-word blog post with backlinks, graphics, and the whole sha-bang to get up there in the search rankings.

Then Google created featured snippets, essentially cutting out the answer and placing it right in front of the user.

We even when it comes to video and audio believe people want snippets. They want the best cuts, the most valuable information, and then to move on. That’s what we want On The Rocks to be about, just our best clips.

Furthermore, why are so many podcasts so serious?

I start my day listening to serious business podcasts then I go home and I try to read before I turn on Netflix for some fun.

What would it look like if we combined those together? More so, why do we pretend like those experiences need to be so separate?

We all have a job to do. We all want to do it really well—be the best at what we do. Trust me, we’re going to bring content and guests onto the show that will help you there BUT… this is a different kind of show.

What would it look like if we took the traditional, buttoned-up B2B video content and mashed it up with ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption, Jimmy Kimmel Live, or got a little Bravo TV with it?

On The Rocks is a Friday night show. Not only will we be releasing each episode late on Fridays but we want to give you a jump start on the weekend. We’ll feature some good music, I’m sure Josh will work in a few jokes, and we’ll have some great guests join us from what is currently being referred to as “the scotch lounge.”

Though we’ve gotten past Josh’s favorite aspect of the show he had said something when we were creating the show that I wanted to share,

“Most newsletters are boring. Ours has Scotch.”

Josh Fedie

We’re excited to share this show with you, a quick mixtape of our best interviews, findings, and friends we’ve made along the way in building this business. We just hoped you worked hard enough to earn it.

B2B video and podcasts need to get a whole lot more fun. Here’s our take subscribe to “On The Rocks” the late-night B2B show that rewards hard work.