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We’re back for Episode 02 of On the Rocks.

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Up first, a company announcement. One that Josh has been meaning to make for 9 months. And no, he didn’t just have another child.

SalesReach has officially closed our Seed round at just shy of $1.2m.

In typical On the Rocks fashion (it’s only been two episodes—can I say typical already?) I was caught a little off-guard with Josh’s storytelling techniques.

Our seed round was a little bit of a wild ride. Josh tells the story about how the door for additional funding was open, it was closed, it was open again, and for those who can keep up at home—it’s now officially closed. Just another example of how adaptability is an important skill for founders.

Perhaps most important to the story of SalesReach’s seed round was another personality trait: authenticity.

Here’s Josh:

It started with me asking my lawyer “What’s a follow-on?” We’ll also be discussing what has come to be called the 600k video.But seriously, the amount of work, planning, stress and excitement…these are all things that would take too long to go into here. But we did it. We closed our funding round and the rocket has left the launchpad. We have some of the best investors and advisors a young business could ever hope to have. None of this would have been possible without their support, trust and encouragement. I’m grateful beyond words to have each and every one of them involved.

Josh Fedie

Not backed up in the episode was the “$600,000 video.” So, I’ve included that video of Josh crying like a baby here. For the people!

The video that made SalesReach $600,000

Also discussed in the episode, we had a couple of buddies in the office. I

You should also swing by we’d love to chat— shoot a message to jerod at salesreach dot io.

So, Chip House COO and Advisor over at Structural swung by the office to day hey. It was super fun to have two Structural people in one right after the other recently Scott Burns was in for an episode of The Founder’s Mentality (that episode of Season 2 out soon).

We also had Aaron Eggert, founder of Backfourty and Coalition9 in for a quick chat on the low. To recognize that we grabbed a clip from his last visit with Josh on the LinkedIn exclusive “Let Me Ask You This”. Aaron Eggert has a hot take on the tactics for enterprise vs SMB sales.

Here’s more from Aaron Eggert:

Lastly, our friends over at TechdotMn had a little write up about a day in the life of Josh Fedie.

I was honestly surprised to be excluded from the post. I probably bug the CEO over here at least a few times a day. However, it’s worth a peek to see Josh’s desk set up and swipe his video equipment stack.

That’s the show! Episode 02 is a wrap.

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