What’s Really Outside of Your Control | Episode 04 of “On the Rocks”

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What’s up everybody, we’re back.

I’m sitting in a pretty dark office right now. The sun is staying up later which is nice, it’s not pitch black. It’s a Friday and I love to let the smart speaker get a little extra loud while I wrap up production for this week’s episode.

Are you ready for Episode 04 of “On The Rocks”?

This episode is about perspective and how taking a step back to recognize there’s actually a lot in your control.

We hear a narrative in sales all the time the b2b salesperson is dead, this technology is going to totally change the game, the modern buyer hates salespeople, and so on and so on. You might think, this is totally out of my control.

The reality is, most salespeople have more control than ever if they’re able to think more strategically and develop a personal brand.

Think about a major disruption that happened recently, maybe:

  • A teammate dropped the ball, you lose the commission
  • A competitor entered the space, your offering seems less valuable
  • You buddy asks you to do something you’ve never tried
  • Your boss walks in and wants to plan a webinar in one day

All these things can happen and it might feel like they’re out of your control but if you listen to some of the guests of this episode and take a really proactive look at your situation—you can always pivot.

We’ve got a great couple of clips this week about expanding your perspective and acknowledging what’s really not in your control.

Take a step back, look around, don’t be like those who are too in their own worlds. They end up getting left behind because they’re ignoring the market, the social implications, an opportunity to make things better.

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#1 Show up: Josh on “The Manufacturing Show”

Sometimes it happens that the big deal is clawed back and it seems you it has nothing to do with you, the service team dropped the ball.

However, the modern organization is more connected than it may seem. It’s just up to you to realize how connected you’re going to be with other departments, team members, and technology of the organization.

A hot topic in B2B right now is sales enablement and for the most part people are really excited about marketing and sales alignment but the truth is all customer-facing teams need an alignment.

Here’s what reps can do to pivot to focus more on to two most important skills in sales: brand and strategy.

Check out Todd Hockenberry’s podcast for more:

#2 Get out of your comfort zone: Josh and the frozen lake plunge

Josh, CEO of SalesReach, was invited to go up north with a buddy for a cabin weekend but before he could say, “Hell yeah, I’ll bring my buddy Johnny Walker!” he got the note that it was going to be a health retreat that included high-intensity workouts, a jump in a frozen lake, and I think he tried a salad for the first time.

Photo credit: Jason Kunz via LinkedIn

A creature of comfort Josh shared with the team that it was incredibly hard for him to do this really strange Northern climate thing. He said it changed his perspective and it’s so rare to come across an activity that challenges to you confront something you think can’t do.

Jumping into a frozen lake has been growing in popularity with little local groups starting up all over the place.

He said this goes for business too.

Sitting in a frozen lake is just like running a business if you know you know. You have to do things you don’t want to do because what you ‘want’ is just to survive.

Josh Fedie, CEO of SalesReach

It’s been said that there are a few benefits to cold showers:

  • Reduced stress levels. 
  • A higher level of alertness.
  • More robust immune response.
  • Increased willpower.
  • Weight loss.

Get more about what happens to your body when it’s shocked by freezing water at Vice News.

#3 Find your competitive advantage: Kris Lindahl’s secret to growth

Our friends over at Coffee & Closers sold out the Music Box Theater in Minneapolis for a great show with real estate powerhouse Kris Lindahl.

Kris Lindahl Real Estate has grown from 30 employees to 170 employees and has sold around 300 properties since last year alone. He shared with the attendees the secret to his incredible business growth.

His secret: prioritize your buyer’s experience as a competitive advantage.

Kris shared that people don’t click the CTA button on his website to get prequalified, they click to tour a home. He’s structured his whole business around that goal and he has invested his business resources 100% on helping people get what they want.

He suggests that sellers start looking at the brands, especially ones outside their industry. The big ones that people love to use every day like Amazon, Uber, Netflix, and others. People don’t make exceptions for your business anymore if it’s easier to buy somewhere else they will.

During the show, I had a big smile on my face and I looked over at Josh who was nodding like that smart kid who sits in the front row. We love hearing that someone in real estate is seeing the same trends we see in B2B SaaS.

Kris doesn’t suggest you go create the next billion-dollar app he just wants you to think about why those businesses are loved, and therefore worth, so much. He structures his business around providing the seamless experience buyers want and investing in the right places so as to deliver.

Get out of the comfort zone, keep your head up, look around, and stay alert.

That’s it for this week.

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